Papua Regional Police and Puncak Regency Government Helds Noken Unit Community Development Programme to Eradicate People's Trauma from the Armed Criminal Group's Action

PAPUA - Papuan Regional Police invites Puncak Regency Government in executing Noken Unit Community Development (Binmas Noken) Programme and Trauma Healing.

This programme was launched so that people can have normal activity after the region was freed from the Armed Criminal Group (KKB).

"The existence of security personnel in Puncak regency is to protect people from the disturbance of KKB".

Chief of Papua Regional Police explains that in the Puncak regency area safe from KKB disturbance, Binmas Noken and trauma healing programme would be conducted so the people would not be afraid and having regular activity, including farming.

Chief Regional Police also said that few villages previously KKB's headquarter or basis are now secured by the joint forces of Nemangkawi Task Force. Therefore, he hopes that people do not need to afraid to stressed again, as previously happened due to KKB disturbance.

Based on reports received by Fakhiri, KKB was always intimidated people to help them, especially on food. Through Binmas Noken, National Police will help to improve people's welfare. The trauma healing programme is more directed to children.

Chief of Regional Police explains that the public security and order situation in Puncak regency is safe and conducive, including in few villages previously disturbed by KKB.[sb:tbn]